Success in Selling … for Introverts Like Me | The Total Package

Five key principles for using your individuality in your marketing that will transform your sales and easily attract the right kind of buyers into your business.

I don’t have nearly the experience, breadth or track record Drayton does, but I would like to add my two cents worth on this as well.

  1. Be your best, most authentic self in your marketing
  2. Talk with your clients and prospects – not at them
  3. Keep it short and punchy, while still getting your main points across (to introverts like me, nothing drives me more crazy than someone, especially sales people, who drone on and on about nothing!)
  4. Find unique ways to inject humbleness and humor in your marketing
  5. Talk about things highly personal to you: your children, your pets, your spouse, your passions or hobbies. Talking about those things easy draws out the passion in your writing. Make sure you adhere to point #3 above though while doing this!
  6. Actually spend some time getting to know who you are talking to. Unlike the aggressive sales person example: they don’t care who you are – only that you have a credit card in hand (think much of the nonsense going on in the ‘guru’ space these days. Gotta credit card? Good – you are my ideal client!).
  7. Find a good story in everything. Again, introverts aren’t typical story tellers – but they can learn to be. Dale Carnegie Training (the Human Relations course) is excellent for this. As is the book The Artists Way.
  8. Have a toolkit with three or five core stories you can tell. Bring them out when the person and situation is appropriate. Just because you have told the story 50 times, doesn’t mean they have heard it before.
  9. Be real, and follow your intuition when dealing with people. Canned approaches shine through – but genuine personality glows MUCH brighter.

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