iPad Receives Unofficial Endorsement from NSA Chief

iPad Receives Unofficial Endorsement from NSA Chief

Posted by Mary Ann Neder on Apr 16, 2010 at 10:11 am | Comments (0)
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In a congressional hearing yesterday, Lieutenant General Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency mentioned his iPad, as he was speaking at a hearing to determine what direction he will take the U.S. Cyber Command, if placed in charge.

Much of what was discussed remains classified, however, Alexander said he owns and iPad and that it is “wonderful.”

“I am a technologist. I love computers. I have a new iPad,” Alexander told the committee of Senators. A few minutes later, Democratic Senator Mark Udall of Colorado couldn’t help but bring it up again. From the Congressional Quarterly transcript:

Udall: I’m tempted to get a critical review of the iPad, but perhaps we can do that–

Alexander: Wonderful.

Udall: Wonderful. I will put that on — for the record.

If it’s good enough for the chief, it’s good enough for me!


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