13-Year-Old QB Commits To USC » Popular Fidelity – Source: Popfi.com

david-sills-2007.jpgWhen you’re a 13-year-old boy, you’re not supposed to think too far ahead.  Then again, not all 13-year-olds got written up as the quarterback of the future by Sports Illustrated… when they were 11.  David Sills is a seventh-grade student at Red Lion Christian Academy in Bear, Delaware; he’s also a quarterback and one of the youngest commits in NCAA history, having decided to go to USC five years before he is able to sign an official letter of intent.   Then again, David Sills isn’t your average teenager.

For one thing, he’s projected to be about 6′5, which is the perfect height for a modern quarterback.  He’s also been training under professional quarterback trainer Steve Clarkson (who trained Arizona Cardinal and former Trojan Matt Leinart and current USC quarterback Matt Barkley) since 2006.  This kid is no average Man of Troy, that’s for sure.

It’s no wonder that USC coach Lane Kiffin offered Sills a scholarship; this kid’s wanted to be a Trojan all his life, and now he’ll get to (presumably) live out his dream.

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